Throughout the year, we organize workshops, masterclasses, (musical) events, lectures and guided tours. Some of these events are open for anyone to join, others are more exclusive.



Spring 2020

Buddha-Nature - a Zen masterclass in the open air

By Michel Dijkstra

In this masterclass, philosopher and Zen-practitioner Michel Dijkstra will guide you into a deeper connection with the surrounding landscape by Zen meditation and exercises in the field. You will gain insight in the rich tradition of Zen philosophy and poetry which is full of compassion and spiritual freedom.

More information later this year.

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Summer 2020

Intertidal - a masterclass on growth, form and motion

By Maria Blaisse

inciting the flow of continuous creation – no waste, no loss of energy, alert and alive"

More information later this year.


Lectures, exhibitions & events.

Frequently we present our vision on the interweaving of art, literature, research and nature preservation. We initiate exhibitions and happenings and we lecture at Art Academies, Universities and various other institutes. If you are interested in inviting us for a lecture, a brainstorm, a workshop or you wish to discuss the possibilities, then feel free to contact us.



09.11.2019 | 14:00-16:00


Dutch poetry on the shore, a walking and writing experience together with Dutch poet Hagar Peeters

Poetry in Aldeburgh | Suffolk | United Kingdom

26.10.2019 | 21:30

Woordnacht (Miek Zwamborn)

Dialogue with writer Kester Freriks and filmmaker Christiaan van Schermbeek about silence through objects, texts and images

Galery Cokkie Snoei | Rotterdam | The Netherlands


Open Studio & exhibition

How to register a landscape? by Marjolijn Boterenbrood

2 Knockvologan | Fionnphort | Isle of Mull


Vi ses vid världens ände (Miek Zwamborn)

Book launch of De duimsprong, translated into Swedish by Per Holmer

Bokmässan | Göteborg | Sweden


Behind the fence (Miek Zwamborn)

Lecture about living, observing and writing during a Nature Writing seminar

Sulzbach-Rosenberg | Germany



Talk about how artists and commissioners are spearheading new thinking in the islands (Rutger Emmelkamp) and Spoken Word (Miek Zwamborn)

St John’s Cathedral | Oban | Scotland

22.08.2019 - 19:30

Crossing Mull

Geopoetry by the Ross of Mull Poets

Creich Hall | Fionnphort | Isle of Mull


Open Studio

Work in progress by Maria Blaisse, Rutger Emmelkamp & Miek Zwamborn

2 Knockvologan | Fionnphort | Isle of Mull


Arandora Star

Book launch with Seth & Derek Crook, Miek Zwamborn and Ross of Mull Poets

Knockvologan beach | Fionnphort | Isle of Mull


The Ear of the Landscape (Miek Zwamborn)

LUCA School of Arts | Bruxelles | Belgium


Art & Research (Rutger Emmelkamp)

Wongema | Hornhuizen | Netherlands


Imagination of the void (Miek Zwamborn)

ISVW | Leusden | Netherlands



A Sudden Perch

Ab Baars performs on clarinet, saxophone and shakuhachi and will improvise a duet with Miek.

Creich Hall | Fionnphort | Isle of Mull | Scotland


Writing Art (Miek Zwamborn)

KABK | Den Haag | Netherlands


Knockvologan Observatory (Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp)

Work in progress and 1:1 talks during festival Into the great wide open 

Museum Tromp's Huys | Vlieland | Netherlands


Land of angry waves (Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp)

Lecture with slides and props during festival Here comes the summer.

Stortemelk | Vlieland | Netherlands


Salon (Miek Zwamborn)

With a lecture by Daniël Rovers, a performance by Ton Zwerver and music by Ig Henneman and Ab Baars

Huis De Pinto | Amsterdam | Netherlands



Oology (Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp)

Book launch of Oology CNP III. With lectures by Hans Mulder, Ylja Nieuwland, Jeroen van Westen, Jan de Hond, music on the shakuhachi by Ab Baars and a drawing class by Bas Teunis.

Artis Zoo Library | Amsterdam | Netherlands


Meeting the Aleph (Miek Zwamborn)

With Roos van den Eerenbeemt, Jasper Coppes, Phil Baber and Rosa Johanna

Studio 167 Loods 6 | Amsterdam | Netherlands


Unsettled Perceptions (Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp)

Lecture together with Richard van Diessen during Nederlands Film Festival

Stadschouwburg | Utrecht | Netherlands


An Hour’s Walk (Miek Zwamborn)

Lecture about observing the smallest movements on the Southern side of the Isle of Mull

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts | Arnhem | Netherlands