A remote refuge for art, literature, research and nature preservation.

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Knockvologan Studies is a study place for art, literature, field research and nature preservation. We offer a residential venue for learning, training events and retreats for writers, artists, researchers and (eco)tourists.

Knockvologan Studies conducts a steady stream of small and large scale innovative, collaborative and experimental projects, as well as lectures and workshops. All are inspired by, embedded in or entangled with the landscape around us. It is our belief that a landscape, looked at through different eyes, worked with and mapped out in omnifarious and sensory ways, will grant new insights and outlooks, generate stories and offer possibilities for a more sustainable relationship between humans and their habitat. With this approach, we aim to contribute to both the culture and bio-diversity of the area.

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Gezonken Moer (dutch only)

In the feuilleton Gezonken Moer written for the contemporary Dutch literature magazine Revisor Miek reported in ten short stories about our daily live at Knockvologan.

1. Trilveen

2. Casual jungle summer green fisherman hat

3. Linne nan ribheid

4. De tak in de stam

5. Steampunk

6. Schommelstoel

7. Fazanten roesten op boomtakken

8. Standing Stone

9. Vogelstand


Since we’ve set foot on Mull in 2016 we had the opportunity to work with many skilled people on a wide range of projects. Thanks to these collaborations Knockvologan Studies became what it is today.

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The Observatory is a comfortable, almost off grid, hideaway surrounded by nature; a tiny house for one or two. Designed for the Scottish coastal climate, it is a cosy and light single room space. You can book several days or you can come for an extended period of time to work and research.

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Our Residency program runs throughout the year. Visual artists, writers, composers, musicians and designers as well as natural - and human scientists can apply for a working period in Knockvologan.

Each of the research projects will take a different aspect of the land as its starting point. Topics will be as divers as they can be, but it is the landscape that binds all explorations. This way, Knockvologan Studies tries to build a body of knowledge that is site specific, innovative and, over time encyclopedic.

Mull has a small population but it houses a surprising number of highly specialized individuals in many fields. Our aim is to connect our visiting researchers with local specialists in order to strengthen capacities and amplify the potential impact of a project.

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One of our first collaborative projects was with Severine Amsing, a Dutch textile artist and weaver. She made the design for a blanket based on the local tidal movements. Together with the Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers we managed to produce a limited number of Làn Mara blankets. These, and several other products and artworks, are for sale in our Store.


On special days (and by appointment) we turn our living room into a semi-public library. Our book collection touches on a broad range of fields and subjects. You will find books on art, design, craft, poetry, philosophy, anthropology, geology, biology, gardening, beekeeping, cooking and more.

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28 April - 28 May 2019

Clarinde Wesselink

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Intertidal - a masterclass on growth, form and motion.

5 - 11 August

Maria Blaisse

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9 - 22 September

Marjolijn Boterenbrood

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