Past residencies

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Marjolijn Boterenbrood

9 September - 22 September 2019

… a place can be seen as an organism, the sum of many different interconnected parts.

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Maria Blaisse

05 August - 18 August 2019

Seaweed is sprayed with life, radiated smoothness and great resilience. Its sturdy personality, and baroque grace gives it something extraterrestrial. How could the cells of such a simple organism grow into such a lush, complex entity?

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Clarinde Wesselink

28 April - 28 May 2019

“… I want to do physical examinations about whether the spatial perspective of the frog can teach us something about how we understand and experience human concepts of space and motion.

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Patricia Domingues

25 March - 15 April 2019

“… The monumental and the intimacy are bodily experiences between the mountain and the stone we can hold in our hand, between the immense and the detail …

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Residency program

A very important part of the Knockvologan Studies initiative is our residency program. We invite artists, writers, translators and researchers for various (collaborative) projects and we are open for research proposals. Our goal is to initiate and facilitate a wide range of projects that all have one thing in common which is the land and ocean surrounding Knockvologan.

By conducting and facilitating a broad scope of experiments and researches, Knockvologan Studies aims to build a colourful and multifaceted vision of the human relationship with the land. By bringing together local knowledge, incoming expertise and new ways of seeing, we hope to contribute to both the natural and cultural richness of the area.

Knockvologan Studies welcomes residents working in various fields (visual art, performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design, human - and natural science). We are particularly interested in work that relates to the direct environment.

Applicants should take note that we are a field research based residency and offer a tiny studio space/place to stay and work in, which we call the Observatory. A bigger studio in one of our barns will be available in the near future.

How to apply

Residency proposals can be sent in throughout the year. Selection is done by the committee of Knockvologan Studies and is based on work experience, the quality of the proposal and of the work (portfolio), the suitability and the available time slots.

Artists/researchers can apply for a working period of maximum 6 weeks. The bare residency fee is £65 per day. This includes transport from/to Fionnphort bus station at day of arrival and departure, daily fresh baked bread, eggs and wood for the stove. We estimate that you will need about £300 a month to live comfortably during your stay.

As part of the residency you are expected to make a presentation of your work to the local community. Knockvologan studies will be happy to facilitate this and provide PR as necessary.

To apply send us a proposal of maximum 1000 words, an updated cv and a portfolio that gives an overview of the development in your work over the last 3 years. Next to a description of your field research and its presumed outcome, your proposal should contain the following:

  • Subject of interest on the Ross of Mull.

  • Possible collaborators and/or institutions of interest.

  • An overview of funds that you are eligible for in your country of residence.

  • Duration of stay & preferred dates.

  • A first idea for a public presentation (this can be anything from a talk to a workshop or short exhibition).

  • Contact details: home address, phone number, email & skype.

A portfolio and working plan should be sent to by WeTransfer and cannot exceed 25MB.

Note that we cannot take incomplete applications into consideration. We will try to inform all applicants about the final outcome within 6 weeks.

Practical information

Knockvologan is a remote place. Possibilities to do groceries in the area are very limited. The local shop at Fionnphort is a 45 minutes walk. It only has the basics and the stock is limited. If you wish, we could order products for you in advance. We plan to keep a stock of the following foods which you will be able to purchase from us if you would like: coffee, tea, flour, rice, pasta, couscous, lentils, butter, dried fruits, muesli, oat milk, tinned tomato and chickpeas, locally reared meat (deer, lamb, beef) and occasionally fresh fish.

The Observatory is provided with a wood burning cooking stove, electricity and a water heater. You can make a simple meal on the stove but if you don’t feel like cooking, we can provide freshly cooked or frozen meals for a reasonable price. We can accommodate most dietary needs. 

There is one pub/restaurant in Fionnphort which is not always open. We have a fishing rod that you can borrow and down at the beach you can harvest delicious seaweed yourself. If you are interested, we will show you where they grow and which ones to pick.