Human beings approach the land in a wide variety of ways. We observe, protect, exploit, transform and travel it. We learn from it, shape it, eat it and dissolve in it.

Miners and sailors, crofters and fishermen, cartographers and carpenters, geologists and Aquanauts, biologists, undertakers, philosophers and anthropologists, politicians and poets; women and men of all ages. Each led by their own story, target, desire and knowledge. This diversity is full of richness and potential but often these contrasting ways of seeing and use collide, leading to misunderstanding, stagnation and frustration.

If mankind somehow would manage to bundle the diversity by bringing together best practices, the vision of the land would be more refined and less polarized. We could then work towards an inclusive, diverse and resilient culture in harmony with the planet.

We, Knockvologan Studies, see culture as a natural phenomenon with the capacity to outgrow slow evolutionary processes; a powerful organizational force with impact on the environment, often leading to extreme situations of beauty and destruction. The written word itself is a good example. It has allowed us to express and articulate ourselves, leading to poetry and philosophy. Writing has liberated people from suppression and connected people worldwide. But it also allows ideas to radicalize and spread in ways the spoken word could not.

Most of the tools humans develop give us a surplus of time, energy and productivity. The question is how do we spend these? To develop cultural initiatives with positive impact we need creative, nuanced and vigorous examples which inspire us to use our capacities in beautiful, fruitful and constructive ways.

Being a creative hub we have the capacity to imagine alternative possibilities. By initiating art and literature-based projects we conduct a constant flow of experiments which inspire new ways of thinking, making and living. With an artistic mind-set, we can disrupt the conventions of organizations, bureaucracy, consumer behaviour and government. Through beauty, we show fresh and inspiring perspectives on the world around us. 

Knockvologan Studies believes that a landscape, looked at through different eyes, worked with and mapped out in omnifarious and sensory ways, will grant new insights and outlooks, generate stories and offer possibilities for a more sustainable relationship between humans and their habitat. With our approach, we aim to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable culture, enhancing biodiversity and thus the health and prosperity of ourselves and the environment.