Wieren is a book filled with green, red, brown and blue seaweed, immortalized in painting, praised in literature, emerged in fashion and fabric designs, prepared in tasty and nutritious dishes, supplemented with wholesome seaweed recipes from various continents.

In an entertaining, poetic and astonishing cultural history of the most sensual family of water plants, Miek Zwamborn points out all of the hidden aspects of these elegant inhabitants of the sea. The book contains sixty illustrations in full color, some of which are made by the author.

Wieren was shortlisted for the Jan Wolkers Prijs 2018, a prize for the best nature writing in the Netherlands.

In April the German translation (by Bettina Bach) will be published under the title Algen in a slightly different design at Matthes & Seitz. The English translation (by Michele Hutchison) at Greystone books/ Profile Books is on its way as well and will be there by the end of 2019.

Miek Zwamborn