Letter to late Krijn Giezen

For the Flemish literary-cultural journal and website nY issue #38 about a steady-state economy we have written together a letter to late pioneer Krijn Giezen, a Dutch conceptual artist, sculptor, draftsman and passionated angler. 

In the letter we ask the speculative question which aesthetic forms we share and which we can imagine in an alternative society where money and power do not grow any further. The letter is made up of different scenes from our daily life; burying a deer, helping to remove a landslide, driving the sheep of our neighbor and planting a forest that will catch the wind around the house. We have been working on Mull for two years now and we could not have imagined that the days would be so full of activities that flow into making art and vice versa.

A question we often ask ourselves is what story, which context we want to contribute to. Our focus, now that we live here, is on the direct land around us. We do not work beyond the horizon; the context to which we relate is a physical context and has a radius of about two hours. The project on Vlieland during the festival Into The Great Wide Open showed that our work here can still be disconnected from our environment. It is an issue that deserves much more research: how locally can visual language become and can it still be understood elsewhere?

The blurring of the boundaries between art and all other reign on the island is sometimes difficult, but we are convinced that it is a key to an integral making and being. Culture is a natural phenomenon and has the potential to undermine, outgrow, and drown out slow evolutionary processes. How beautiful it would be to destroy these destructive forces through making.

Miek Zwamborn