Cooking with Q


Cooking with seaweed

Together with Amsterdam based jewellery artist, fashion designer and cook Q (Hisashi Shibata) we have been cooking with seaweed for one entire week in October. Our goal was to invent a range of seaweed based dishes and snacks and share these with food enthusiasts on the Island.

Q brought in his experimental nature and visual sensitivity plus a range of traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques. We, Miek, Rutger and our neighbor Giles contributed with our enthusiasm for seaweed, knowledge about where to find the nicest and freshest species and our unorthodox Europe based food tinkering.

The proces was very joyful and the results often surprisingly delicious.

We now aim to set up a larger scale seaweed cooking project for next year and hope to bring the abundant, healthy and delicious seaweed to many more kitchens on Mull.

rutger emmelkamp