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After a long winter without finding any Suger Kelp washed ashore, a first new giant thallus reached Knockvologan beach on 13.05.2018. To celebrate the landing we launched Laminaria: a full length duplication in riso print accompanied by the poem Submerged printed on the letter press.

Photo montage: Rutger Emmelkamp
Poem: Miek Zwamborn
Design: Jo Frenken
English translation: Michele Hutchison
Font: Gill
Paper: 90 g/m2 Eos 2.0, 120 g/m2 Eos 2.0
Printing techniques: Riso Print, Letterpress
Size: 2.41 cm x 61 cm.
Production: Charles Nypels Lab, Van Eyck, Maastricht
Edition: 30

On roll in silk screen printed box with letterpress poem Submerged included.

2018 Centum nec Plura IV

£ 245.00

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Miek Zwamborn