Arandora Star

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On Tuesday 2nd July 1940 while on the way to Canada the Arandora Star had been torpedoed off the coast of Ireland by a German submarine.The luxury liner turned troopship had just been converted to a prison ship, equipped with some armaments and overpainted in battleship grey. It was just adopting the zigzag course typical of a warship reducing its vulnerability to torpedo fire. On board were 1678 people: Italian, German internees and German prisoners of war, military guards and crew. Less than half of the passengers survived the shipwreck. 

A few days later one of the 14 rescue boats came ashore at Knockvologan beach on Isle of Mull, empty. It is still there under the sand. 

Poems: Derek Crook, Miek Zwamborn, Seth Crook
Image/design: Jo Frenken
English translation: Michele Hutchison
Pages: 12
Font: Linotype Cochin
Paper: 120 g/m² Eos 2.0, 300 g/m² Cairn Ribbed Kraft
Print technique: Stencil print
Production: Charles Nypels Lab, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
Edition: 100

2019 Centum Nec Plura V

£ 8.00

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Miek Zwamborn