Oology consists of a selection of photographed eggs and nests of birds that breed around Knockvologan, historical field research by the Kearton Brothers, a poems dedicated to a guillemot, a hooded crow and a common snipe and the topographical map of a single broken egg of a lapwing.

Images: Richard & Cherry Kearton, Miek Zwamborn, Jo Frenken, Rutger Emmelkamp
Poems: Miek Zwamborn
Sprinkled paper: Sandra Merten
Design: Jo Frenken
English translation: Michele Hutchison
German translation: Bettina Bach
Pages: 82
Paper: 100 g/m² Eos 2.0, 80 & 90 g/m² Munken Print, 60 g/m² IBO one, 230 g/m² Rainbow, 57 g/m² Transphère, 60 g/m² Normaset Puro, 50 g/m² Toni
Printing techniques: Stencil print and Inkjet
Production: Charles Nypels Lab, Van Eyck, Maastricht
Edition: 100

2017 Centum Nec Plura III

sold out

Miek Zwamborn